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31 January 2014


A very Happy New Year 2014 to all my music lovers!
Firstly, thank you to all those who bought the first copies of my new CD “One in the Field” Thank you also for the kind feedback that many of you gave, it fills my heart with joy :) If you haven’t got your copy yet you can order by clicking "here"...
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31 January 2014

“Simply Stillness”101 Meditation classes with Jeffree - Beginning soon in Albany and Howick

Simply stillness Meditation classes run over three weeks and include three evening sessions. Two classes have been scheduled beginning in February. Each class has a FREE introductory evening. ALBANY CLASSES: “Whispered Secrets” Albany Village. (See flyer attached) FREE Introductory Evening: Tuesday February 4, begins 7:30pm (for 1 hour) Class dates: Thursdays Feb 13 - 20 ...
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24 April 2013
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18 September 2012
UPCOMING Classes & Workshops October 2012
Coming up soon I have a one-day meditation workshop in Auckland City and two three-evening classes in Papakura and Albany. The Workshop date is Sunday 30 September. Time: 10am to 3pm, Venue: "Purewa Studios" - 3 Cruickshank Crescent Meadowbank, Auckland City. The workshop is a condensed version of the evening classes. On the workshop you will learn how easy meditating can be using music ...
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13 August 2012
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2 March 2012
Greetings to all,
I must admit to feeling quite excited by some new developments relating to human DNA and how through meditation, affirmations and positive thinking in general, we are able to reprogram our DNA and thus improve the health of our cells, and our lives. Russian researchers, linguists and geneticists have been working together to explore what has been considered...
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13 February 2012
Atlantis Video
Find following the link to the Atlantis video. Help me get this out there by spreading amongst your friends Atlantis Video - Jeffree

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13 January 2012

New Year Greetings for 2012! You might say the New Year has started early with the unusual weather shortening the holidays for many. I have been feeling a motivating energy to move things forward and this perhaps is a sign that there is much to do this year.
With the new energy of 2012 it will be important to see the way ahead, even if this is only a short distance to begin wit...
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6 July 2011
One of the latest discoveries in developmental biology has been the recognition of the “Morphogenetic Field” and the key role it plays in the regeneration of human cells. The study of Epigenetics refers to the signals received from outside of a cell’s walls and how this is the major factor in the quality of cellular replication.
The morphogenetic field is present in all biological systems including plants animals and human beings. Like a magnetic field it is holistic in nature with the intrinsic qualities of each individual cellular field reflected in the greater field of the entire human body.
According to Albert Einstein the “Field” is the sole governing agency of the particle. The field, that is the energy surrounding us, determines the character of our physical form. As humans beings, we are each the physical expression of our unique energy field.
The research into the morphogenetic field is significant when it comes to human health and wellbeing. There are fields surrounding each individual cell as well as fields that surround the tissues and organs. There is also a composite field that surrounds the entire human body. The “body-field” contains information relating to the body’s physiology. The information contained in the field is essentially energy vibration and these body-field energy vibrations can be modulated and influenced by other external vibrational factors.
As an example we can distinguish the feelings of being in rush hour city traffic compared to being in a quiet place in the country. It is not uncommon to feel exhausted after navigating our way home through bumper-to-bumper traffic queues. The fatigue we feel from this experience is the result of our body-field being modulated (and distorted) by the vibrational energy in the environment around us at the time.
The body-field is also modulated by energies within the field itself. The body-field can be modulated by the energetic qualities of our tho...
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26 September 2010

AN EVENING WITH JEFFREE: at HIGHBURY HOUSE, 110 Hinemoa St Birkenhead on Tuesday evening 28 September at 7:30 pm.

Come along and enjoy a music performance like no other as Jeffree takes you on a blissful journey of meditation and inner peace. In a demonstration of the old and new, Jeffree presents his timeless music through a unique wind-controlled keyboard - an extraordinary sound when played with such feeling...
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5 June 2010
Happy Arbor day everybody!! Below (read more) are the lyrics to “The Tree Planting Song” If you would like to hear this song you can listen to it by clicking here. If you would like to download FREE, an MP3 copy of "The Tree Planting Song", right click the link and select "Save Target As", (or if you have a mac) "Download Linked File" H...
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31 December 2009
The Peace & Quiet Set - NOW AVAILABLE!
On January 1st 2010 The Peace & Quiet series will be released. The two CD series includes the recently released “Peace & Quiet 2 and a re-mastered and re-packaged version of Peace & Quiet volume one. With a 4 year gap between the two albums I felt that the Peace & Quiet volume one had quite ...
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29 November 2009
Greetings, I had been working for some time toward the workshop of last weekend and I realise that with such strong music content, the affects of the workshop would likely continue for a while after. I would love to know how your week has been. Looking back, I really enjoyed how it went – it was a special day.
I will be continuing to develop this workshop so you are welcome to return or...
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24 August 2009
Meditation to Music, Classes
I have developed a new technique of “meditating to music” that is easy and very affective in creating a deep state of relaxation. I have given particular focus to making this a technique that is not difficult to practice and can be easily integrated into a busy life. The technique also includes other simple life skills that compliment the meditation and I will be starting classes in Auckland s...
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26 June 2009
Michael Jackson, was a beautiful soul. I never met him but we were connected.
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5 June 2009
Happy Arbor day everybody!! and it’s also World Environment Day! Below (read more) are the lyrics to “The Tree Planting Song” If you would like to hear this song you can listen to it by clicking here. If you would like to download FREE, an MP3 copy of "The Tree Planting Song", right click the link and select "Save Target As", (or if you have a ...
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5 March 2009
each a special gift . . .
I want to utilise the networking advantages of being able to Blog to incorporate a wider span of ideas in my book. In the past two or more years since I have been contemplating authorship, settling on a direction for the book has changed several times. Last year seemed to be quite inspirational in terms of expanding new ideas, so I have now arrived at a place that not only excites me but seems to ...
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12 December 2008
Christmas special on Jeffree's Cds
As a Christmas special and also celebrating our MULTI-CURRENCY online store (check it out) we are offering a $5.00 discount on all Jeffree's Cds up until the end of this year. This Christmas give the gift of Peace (and Quiet)
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25 November 2008
Sunday afternoon Emergence at Infinity.
I so enjoy afternoon performances, it is such a good time for meditation. The energy at Infinity in Hamilton was very beautiful and for those who were there, a blissful afternoon. We talked about our innate and unmoving divinity. Our oneness with each other and our connection with all who travelled ...
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25 November 2008
Emergence at Blockhouse Bay
What a beautiful venue this is . . . I felt very special playing here. I could feel all the love that had been put into the reconstruction of this wonderful venue on the water. We got away to a late start but it was a great evening where everyone got to know each other. There was an emergence of “Earthing” energy with all who were there at a similar place on their journey. I was feeling t...
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20 November 2008
World Harmony Run, Dinner invitation.
Monday 17 November 7:30pm, Rendezvous Hotel in Auckland.
I was delighted to be invited to this special dinner which celebrated the great success of this world wide event. The World harmony Run was founded in 1987 by the late Sri Chinmoy, a spiritual master, visionary, philosopher, artist, musici...
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5 November 2008
The Peace & Quiet 2 Launch Evening
Wow! what a great night it was last Wednesday at the Bruce Mason Centre. The launch of “Peace & Quiet 2” evening was full of miracles of the highest order beginning with a Powhiri from the Whanau of the Awataha Marae to my own Whanau and extending to those who attended, and beyond. It was a beau...
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5 November 2008
Kia ora and welcome to Jeffree This is Jeffree, and thank you for visiting my new site. Firstly a big thank you to Zahn and Elan at AZ Design for putting this together for me. I highly recommend their service and you can contact them through the AZ Design link at the bottom of the page. This new site has two main functions. The first is to provide an ongoing blog so that we can talk t...
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